Welcome to the Athlone Memorials

Choosing a memorial for yourself or your loved one can be an intensely personal and private matter and should be treated with respect and dignity. At Athlone Memorials, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you through this time. We merge together the technical skills and experience of our monumental mason, designers and Funeral Directors to bring you a large range of high quality headstones, memorials and plaques at our central location in Athlone.


As well as new memorials, at Athlone Memorials, we are able to help you keep your family history by renovating and restoring old granite and marble headstones or plaques. Sometimes you may like to redo what is already there or you may like to add new inscriptions or photos. We will look at the monument and assess whether it is too damaged for repair – in this case we will advise you if the cost of repair is more that the cost of replacement so that you have an informed choice.

Additional Inscriptions:

To add additional wording or artwork to the existing headstone. Sometimes space is left on a headstone or plaque for the surviving spouse, partner or other family member. We are able to complete a new inscription when the time comes. If possible we will complete the work on site but sometimes we may need to temporarily remove the stone.